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Bill Phelan formed the band in 2006 with two trumpets, a clarinet and trombone front line plus banjo, bass and drums rhythm section. The style is quite varied from early New Orleans to twenties and thirties dance music. the band concentrates on playing jazz music at speeds suitable for dancing and has become popular in the "dancing" jazz clubs.

Band Members

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Alan Cresswell - Clarinet. One of the busiest clarinettist in the country and we are extremely f...

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John Finch – Trombone - John comes from a deep pool of musicians that came to prominence in Lon...

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Johnny McCallum – Banjo & Guitar – Johnny spent many years playing with the Kenny Ball Jazz B...

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(Double Bass)

Andy Lawrence – Bass – Andy is very experienced, having been Terry Lightfoot’s Bass man for...

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Paul Norman (Drums)

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Bill Phelan – Trumpet. Bill has been the leader of The Muskrat Ramblers Jazz Band since March ...

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