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Richard Leach 7 Stars of Jazz has a style of jazz reminiscent of the Alex Welsh Band, which, from the mid 1960’s to the early 1980’s was Britain’s foremost Chicago/Dixieland style jazz band. When asked many people have said the the Roy Williams – John Barnes era of the Alex Walsh band is their favourite listening. Richard is no exception and the Classic Concert recorded in Dresden during 1971 remains his personal favourite. With the perfect eclectic mix of Chicago, Swing plus a hint of Vaudeville, the band doesn’t just play jazz it entertains the audience. It is impossible not to be swept along with the atmosphere. This then is Richard Leach’s 7 Stars of Jazz, not a direct ‘tribute’ band to Alex Walsh but a band that plays with similar energy and skill plus the ability to entertain an audience with a variety of musical styles. After touring Europe and the U.K. as Pete Allen’s trombonist for six years, the & Stars of Jazz was a new venture for Richard Leach and joining him are some of the most experienced jazz musicians around.

Band Members

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Richard first played trombone at Bushey Grammar School near Watford in 1962. After five years of ...

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Chris first studied music at Liverpool Cathedral where he was a member of the choir for 5 years. ...

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Ian is a talented multi instrumentalist. His great interest in jazz started at university in the...

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(Double Bass)

Roger Davis, double bass, formed his first band, playing trombone, while still at school. After r...

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A Brummie by birth, Graham started playing drums at the age of 14 in his father’s dance band un...

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Mike Graver – Piano - From the age of five, Mike was able to play tunes ‘by ear’ on the pia...

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Dave Leithead – (Trumpet) Dave hails from Nottingham (where he still lives) and took up trumpe...

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