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Jeff Milner - Trombone - Jeff took an interest in jazz from about 1956 and bought a trombone i959 and has played ever since. Real New Orleans style took hold and Jim Robinson soon became his musical hero. Jeff went to NO in1972 for a once in a lifetime visit,[for five weeks], meeting and playing with some of the top musicians of the 40's, 50's and 60's, and did in fact play in Preservation Hall before finding somewhere to sleep. Meeting with these guys was a great help, and Jeff has never "strayed" from the old style. 1973 saw Jeff in the Crescent City for another five weeks. At home Jeff has led several bands over the years, and also played with the bands of Chris Blount [for 11 years], Dave Brennan, and Brian Carrick among others He also played with Dan Pawson quite a bit, and spent some time with the great Sonny Morris. Jeff currently runs his Delta Friends and plays with Mississippi dreamboats and Funky Butt Band. He enjoys quartet jobs usually with Liz on front line. Summers over the last dozen or so years have seen him parading with the Red Rose Brass Band from Lancashire.

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