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Laurie Chescoe – Drums and Washboard – Started his professional career back in 1957 with the Teddy Layton Band. Laurie has played with a succession of great bands including Monty Sunshine’s band, Dick Charlesworth Big Blues Band, Bruce Turner’s Jump Band, Bob Wallis, and George Webb’s reformed Dixielanders and then became a founder member of the Midnite Follies. He joined the Alex Walsh band in 1979 and worked in Alex’s band for two years right up to Alex’s untimely death. Since then Laurie has been working regularly in the Alan Elsdon Band, The Midnite Follies Orchestra, the Alex Welsh Reunion Band as well as leading his own band. Laurie joined Phil Mason’s All Stars Band in 2003 and worked with them up to Phil’s retirement in 2010. Laurie joined Bob Dwyer's Bix and Pieces in 2010

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