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Andy was born in Marden, Kent in 1946. He comes from a musical family; mother played paino and father the violin. At the age of 5 he started piano lessons, which continued, throughout his school years. However, his last piano teacher was a frustrated jazz guitarist and as a result Andy bought a guitar. His older brother played the clarinet and had a liking for George Lewis so the die was cast. A neighbour gave him and old G banjo from the loft, which seved until he decided the tenor banjo was the right sound. There were two main incluences; the first was reading "Shining Trumpets" and the second was seeing Emanuel Sayles live with the Kid Thomas band. Hearing Emanuel Sayles was a shock from which he has never recovered. After the concert, Andy's wife had to persuade him not to give up playing. Andy played with the Great Northern Jazz Band for several years, before leaving to join the Sonny Morris Band. The Great Northern Jazz Band is delighted to welcome him back whenever he is available to play for them. Residing in Kent, he has featured in many of the best bands in the south east. His excellent teonor banjo sound is an assett to any band.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Group photo for Len Baldwin Jazz Band
(Banjo and Guitar)
Group photo for Gambit Jazzmen
(Banjo and Guitar)
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